About our Jewelry


All our pieces are made with real Lionfish fins.The fish is served in restaurants and the fins are dried. The colors and patterns vary a lot, this is all natural! We just use another part of the Lionfish and use sunlight to change colors.

We use the highest quality jewelry materials available. This is either Stainless Steel or Zinc Alloy. All are Nickel Free!
It is hand made by professional divers and local women in Curacao. The boxes and packaging are made from recycled materials.


Black & Orange pattern

The pieces which are Black&Orange colored are made with the base tail, the lower back fin or anal fin.

It is a Lionfish´ natural color. The fins are dried in the shadow and therefor keep their color.


Black & White pattern

The pieces which are Black&White colored are also made with the base tail, the lower back fin or anal fin. Same as the orange fins.

The fins are actually little bones hold together with a thin membrane, So when naturally dried in the sun they turn white eventually.


Sunset Red pattern

The Red, Purple and Orange colored pieces are made with the pectoral fin or as we call them ´The Wing Fin´.

Underwater the fins are more greyish and red, but if you dry them they turn out to be a beautiful pallet of colors - deep red, purple, orange and even yellow!